Super Techno 30

The Super Techno 30 is a highly sought after telescopic crane because of itʼs size, range and incredible versatility. There are a number of stabilized and standard two and three axis remote heads for use with the Super Techno 30. The Super Techno 30 has an optional Speed Box, which can double the telescopic speed of the arm

The standard for telescopic arms with a 23 foot telescopic range (7 to 30 foot reach) and a 30 foot lens height. Includes 3 axis capable Z HEAD, and can support any other remote head, 3-D camera setup or heavy load without worry, this is the workhorse of the telescopic arms, equally capable out doors or on a stage or location


Max.Lens height m/ft9,2/30
Max. Telescopic extent m/ft6,9/22
Max. Telescopic speed m/ft sec.2,8/9,2
Door Clearance2,1/6,9
Max. camera weight kg/lbs35/80
Total weight kg/lbs1200/2640