Mole 24 kW

Building on a rich history of large Arc, HMI and Tungsten Fresnels, Mole-Richardson Co. is very proud to introduce the Type 6861 24kW DayLite Fresnel. The new 24K is the largest single HMI Fresnel available in the world. Through the extensive testing process, tremendous care was placed on striking a balance between performance, or light output and light quality, and the physical challenges of dissipating the tremendous heat generated by a lamp of this size. Knowing that simplicity is often the key to reliability and longevity, the new 24K does not make use of fans or other exotic ways to cool the lamp. Instead, large black anodized sockets, measuring a dramatic 5 1/2″ in diameter, combined with specifically engineered top and bottom ventilation provides more than adequate cooling. In addition to the advances in cooling, a new highly polished 11″ reflector, producing over 95% reflectivity, was designed to work with the larger arc gap of the 24K Lamp. This new reflector, along with the 24 3/4″ Borosilicate Fresnel lens combine to produce unparalleled output and a perfectly smooth field from spot to flood.


HEADType 6861, 24,000 Watts.
RATING272 volts, A.C., 88 amps max.
SOCKETSpring loaded positive clamping (pair)
SWITCHON and OFF momentary push-button mounted on trough.
SAFETY SWITCHInterlock micro-switch at door shuts off power to globe sockets when door is opened. Globe cannot be turned on until door is closed.
CABLEAttached 7-conductor cable with interlocking "Veam" type connector.
CONSTRUCTIONSheet aluminum housing and cast aluminum trough end caps.
YOKETubular and cast aluminum with 11/8" dia. steel yoke pin.
REFLECTOR11" dia. Brytal Finished, spherical.
FOCUSINGHand crank at rear.
FINISHClear anodized and high heat black powder coated enamel.
SIZE36.5"(h) x 34.2"(w) x 33.2"(d)
HEAD WEIGHT160 lbs. (w/cable)