Kino Flo Flathead 80

The Flathead 80 is a hybrid Kino Flo, a 4′ x 8 bank fixture to put it simply. The Flathead 80 system was designed to be compatible with the popular 4ft 4Bank components. In some situations more light was required and users were stacking 2 x 4ft 4Banks. Initial concept for the Flathead 80 was to make it out of plastic like the 4ft 4Bank, but because of its size, the final design called out for a metal wrapper. Its design adds flexibility and versatilty to the popular 4Bank portable system with the outsized soft light quality you’d expect from a large fixture like the Image 85. It can be hand-held, mounted on a light stand or hoisted from rigging points to work as a cool, energy efficient coop light. The Flathead 80 system was designed as a softlight source that can be plugged into the wall on location. With its narrow profile and size, the Flathead 80 can approximate the quality of light from bounced sources without losing set space.


Fixture Specs
Dimensions51 x 24 x 4"
Weight w/ Lamps27.0lbs
Lamp TypeF75 / T12

Ballast Specs
Input Voltage120VAC 50/60 Hz
Output Frequency25kHz
Amperage5.0A x 2 Ballasts = 10.0A Total
Dimensions13 x 9.5 x 3"