Among the many features that differentiate the Intel-A-jib™ from the competition is the one-piece X-Box Extrusion modular beam. This design element offers superior anti-deflection and anti-distortion of the arm. The Intel-A-Jib; sets up in less than two minutes without any tools due to the innovative V-Lock component connector locking system. With extensions of either 10 or 6 feet in length, the Intel-A-Jib™ can accept virtually any camera package, expanding great image-making creativity.

The Intel-A-Jib™ uses the internationally accepted Mitchell Mounting System to interface with the support tripod system and for camera mounting.

There are many accessories designed to expand the jib arm’s capability and functionality. Mounting the Intel-A-Jib™ to Matthews MT-1 Heavy-Duty Tripod and the DL-7 Dolly (sold separately) allows the operator to quickly and easily position the fixture thereby ensuring many more opportunities to capture that ‘perfect’ shot.


Min Reach6' (1.83 Meters) From center of fulcrum pivot point, to center of 7" Mitchell mount
Max Reach10' (3.10 Meters) From center of fulcrum pivot point, to center of 7" Mitchell mount
Max Camera Package Load Capacity120lbs at 6" (54.43kg at 1.83m), 80lbs at 10' (36.29kg at 3.10m)
Overall Assembled Length9'7" at 6' (2.96m at 1.83m), 13'8" at 10' (4.21m at 3.10m)
Weight at Full Extension (less counterbalance weight)65lbs at 10' (28.48kg at 3.10m)
Counterbalance Weight to Load Ratio1.8:1 at 6' (1.83m), 3.0:1 at 10' (3.10m)
Camera Mount OptionsOver/Under 7" Mitchell (flat-base)
Intel-A-Jib Mounting RequirementsDolly, tripod, or other, with 7" Mitchell mount (rated for weight of jib, camera package and counterbalance weight)