Grip Factory GF-16 Crane

The GF-16 Crane is a rideable, modular, remote crane that has a total of 15 configurations. Easy to handle, with fast and uncomplicated setup, the GF-16 has an extremely rigid arm which remains steady at all times. The base dolly has independent double ended steering, providing excellent manoeuvrability.

A major highlight of the GF-16 is the adjustable mounting column. It allows assembly of the arm at a low, comfortable pivot height of 5.2ft./158cm. When assembled, the complete arm can be elevated 18in./40cm per hand crank or motor driven with a battery operated screwdriver.

TÜV Süddeutschland have safety type tested and approved the GF-16 Crane System according to European guidelines for the scope of application under EC directives especially EC directive 98/37/EC.

We recommend, for safety reasons, the use of 2 trained technicians to assemble the crane.


Maximum Remote Version
Max Height37ft. (11.3m)
Total Arm Length55.8ft. (17m)
Transport Weight*5732lbs (2600kg)
Max Payload286lbs (130kg)
Track Width39in. (100cm)