GF-Mini Jib

The GF-Mini Jib is a stable, compact jib for camera packages weighing up to 30kg / 66lbs. It provides smooth, vibration free movements in tight, confined spaces.

The counterweight end of the GF-Mini Jib Arm is telescopic out and locked off at various lengths. It can be very comfortably hand cranked to the required length, ensuring perfect balance at any angle. The GF-Mini Jib′s tilt “drag” can be adjusted to suit the individual operators preference.



Reach82 cm / 2′ 10"
Rear – retracted31cm / 1′
Rear – extended100 cm / 3′ 3"
Lift range100 cm / 3′ 3"
Max Payload30 kg / 66lbs
Jib mount requiredEuro-adapter (Mitchell adapter available)
Weight of Jib17kg / 37 lbs
Max counterweight48 kg / 105lbs (4 x 12kg)
Tilt angle53 degree′s