GF-Jib Arm

The GF-Jib Arm was designed to function as a stable, solid jib specifically addressing the heavier 35mm camera packages. It offers smooth, vibration free movements without the operator having to compromise the designed shot.

The front of the arm can be easily telescoped out and locked off at the required working length. This feature provides added flexibility when working on tight sets.

The counterweight end of the GF-Jib Arm is also telescopic and can be very comfortably hand cranked to the required length, ensuring perfect balance at any angle.


Reach – retracted139 cm / 4’ 6”
Reach – extended188cm / 6’ 1”
Rear – retracted42 cm / 1’ 4”
Rear – extended94 cm / 3’ 1”
Max Payload – retracted60 kg / 132lbs
Max Payload – extended40 kg / 88lbs
Jib mount requiredEuro-adapter (Mitchell adapter available)
Camera head mountEuro-adapter or Mitchell
Weight of Jib42kg / 92 lbs
Max counterweight120 kg / 264lbs (10 x 12kg)
Tilt angle43 degree’s