Chimera Lantern Softbox

The Chimera Lantern Softbox is used by still photographers, filmmakers and videographers, for illuminating entire rooms with soft, even light. Choose a Chimera Lantern Softbox according to the size of the room, and your working light fixture.

This is a Medium 35″ (90cm) square x 17″ (43cm) deep Pancake Lantern, which takes up less space than a traditional Lantern Softbox. This Pancake Lantern includes a skirt, which limits the spread of the light output, and adds a dramtic effect between light and shadow.

Required Speed (mounting) Rings are available separately for your light fixture.

Use this size for casting omni-directional lighting for a medium-sized conference room, or small stage where setup space is limited.

Required Speed (mounting) Rings are available separately for many manufacturers’ hot lights and strobes.

Single and double Bobinette scrims are available, to diminish the light output.


Size35" (90 cm)
CompatibilityHot lights to 1500 watts and strobes of any w/s rating
Removable FaceNo
Removable BaffleNo
Accepts GridsYes- Bobinette Scrims