CamMate crane 2000 series

CamMate’s world famous 2000 Series is for applications requiring extended camera height and reach. The NEW CamMate 2000 Series will provide quality, precision moves, and control, allowing you to reach new heights.

Constructed with our high strength 6 foot extensions, the CamMate 2000 Series gives you more combinations with greater weight limits. With all the same electronics features as our famous Travel Series, combined with a much greater camera reach, the CamMate 2000 series can’t be beat!


Lens Height24' 1" - 7.34m
Reach20' 1" - 6.12m
Total Length25' 2" - 7.67m
Ballast Needed326 lbs. - 147.87 kilos
Weight of Crane144.5 lbs. - 65.54 kilos